We help families purchase a home.

Helping Hands Team is a non-profit organization that helps families become home owners in Washington State by guiding them through the process of a securing a government mortgage.

The Stories We Work For

Androschuk Family

"We recently moved from Ukraine to the US with our five children. We make a small income and it seemed to us that buying a house is very unrealistic and merely impossible. But thanks to God and this program we were able to buy a house. Now we have lots of space, a playground for the children, no parking problems, and good neighbors. Thanks to this program we have space to enjoy life in America!"

Shtries Family

"We are a young family of four and we are so lucky. Three years ago we came to the USA and we are so blessed to be a part of this great nation! It's hard to make a high income after being in the US for only a few years. We couldn't even dream of owning a house. We still can't believe this happened to us – all because of a wonderful program."

Recean Family

"We are very happy to wake up every morning in our house; our own home! For years we were dreaming that one day for sure (not in the near future) we would be able to become homeowners. Our dream became a reality after we learned about this great program."