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This is not the county you are currently living in this is the county you plan to purchase a home in. The counties listed all have different income limits and different maximum loan amounts for the area. If you’d like for us to add another county please email
Monthly Household Income
If you are self employed, you can average your net monthly income based on your last two tax returns.

Other sources of income could include, social security, disability aid, child support, pensions, or unemployment income.
Household Size
Your household size if it is between 1-4 people will have a certain household income limit. With 5+ the income limit rises.
Number of Dependents
These are people who you claim as a dependent on your tax return. Each dependent is seen as a deduction from your annual income. It could be the case that your income is too high for this loan but with deductions from dependents
Estimated Annual Property Taxes
Property taxes are included in your monthly payment and are accounted for in your maximum loan amount. These vary house to house. On average it is about %1 of the max loan amount.
Estimated Home Insurance
Home insurance is similar to property taxes as it is included in your monthly payment estimate. Your rate is affected by your credit history, the location of the home and multiple other factors.
Monthly Debts
Monthly debts include car payments, credit card minimums, student loans, or existing debts you must repay.
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*This loan is an estimate for a goverment assisted loan packaged by the non-profit Helping Hands Team. These terms are not guaranteed only an estimate.
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